Guest house

For erecting the guest house a built in 1869 granary was taken apart, brought to the site and its logs put accurately together to preserve the original appearance. Grooves between the logs were traditionally caulked with moss. The electrically heated floor space is 70 m2. For internal finishing only old timber was used.

The first floor is divided into three parts. One third is occupied by a sauna, a washroom, and a toilet. The sauna which has space for 2–3 persons, is equipped with an electric hearth, but may also be used as an infrared sauna. The washroom contains a washing machine and a sink. The toilet is separated from the washing room by a glass slide door.

One third of the room contains everything necessary for preparing food and having meals: fridge, boiler, roaster, electrical oven and a cupboard with linen, towels and dishes.

The third part is for leisure. At the disposal of guests are a fireplace, a stove, a leather-covered divan, an audio-video unit, a 42'' LCD TV-set, and a table which may be converted to a snooker table. One wall is full of windows and the neighbouring one covered with glassed doors through which opens a nice view of a pond – a good place for cooling oneself after a good sauna. The middle of the first floor is open up to the roof. A boat-type ladder leads to the second floor where two sleeping are situated, one at each end of the storey. These areas, one with four 160 cm wide mattresses and the other with one 160 cm wide and two 200 cm wide mattresses, are connected to each other by a hanging bridge.

We have experienced that in the guest house there is place for 15 to 20 persons. One is obliged to sleep together in one room, but if the company is of own people, there shouldn't be any problems. Guests who have rented the house have been very content – it is great to pass time in a really archaic environment and sleep peacefully in a over 150 years old house

Meeting place

On the first floor of the building, built of old logs, an about one hundred quadratic metres large hall is situated where various meetings and seminars may be arranged as well as jubilees and birthdays celebrated. Everything necessary for such occasions (WiFi, data projector, screen, TV-set, music centre, dishes for 60 persons) is available. Aside a fireplace there is a small kitchen corner with a micro-wave, an electric cooker, a dish washer, and a coffee maker. The toilet is of disabled person's type. The room is heated by air-air heat pumps and equipped with a modern ventilation system.

On the second floor there are two suites with a two-metre-wide bed, a private toilet and shower cabin (it is possible to add an additional mattress and a brought crib), two rooms with three 90 cm wide beds, а toilet and a balcony. Under the balcony an open-air kitchen with a wood-heated stove and a gas grill are situated.

The pond

Besides the guest house there is a 3,400 m2 large pond, the water depth of which is normally two metres. Across the pond leads a bridge, from which one may jump into water and feed fish (tench, carp) or angle. Upon the pond is a raft which can be used for rafting or sun-bathing. When it is brought aside the guest house, it is a good place for jumping into water straight from the sauna. The pond has also a sand beach. It is a pleasant place for cooling down after visiting the smoke sauna.

Smoke sauna and out-door cask sauna

At the disposal of our guests is a renovated hundred years old smoke sauna and alongside a nowadays cask sauna. After steaming oneself in the smoke sauna you can choose – to sit in the cask or cool yourself in the pond.

Smoke stove

In the smoke stove one may smoke fish caught from the pond or bought fish as well as chicken etc.


Aside the smoke sauna and smoke stove there is a large shelter with a large table and benches, two walls of which are formed by wood stacks. It's a nice place for about twenty persons to chat or take a beer, especially when it happens to rain.

What more have we to propose?

Elmar's cottage has a 450 m2 (18 x 25 m) large parking area. In a copse there is room for tents and the lawn is suitable for placing caravans. An outhouse is for use for campers and anybody else. The total territory is covered by WiFi. At the distance of one kilometre is Lake Jõksi with a decent place for swimming. One can also bathe in River Võhandu – only 100 metres away. The centre of the rural town Kanepi with shops and a stadium (basket-, volley- and football) is at a distance of about one kilometre.

Where can one drive to from our place?

Excellent highways lead to the towns Otepää (18 km), Põlva (20 km), Võru (20 km) and Tartu (45 km). Children are sure to like Pokumaa (10 km), an interesting place for persons of any age is the Road Museum (15 km), men should be interested in the unique Sõmerpalu cross-country racing hall (15 km), the Tammiku pub is at a distance of 1.5 km and trout may be fished and grilled at the Karilatsi fish farm (15 km). In winter one can enjoy the Mammaste (20 km) and Otepää (20 km) ski trails or alpine skiing at Kuutsemäe (30 km) or Väike-Munamäe (20 km). The forests around Kanepi are rich in berries and mushrooms.


Catering may be ordered from the Tammiku pub or Pesa Hotel. Meals for up to ten persons may be ordered from a neighbour or, why not, prepared oneself – everything necessary for this exists.

Our address


Põlvamaa, Kanepi, Weizenbergi 38, 63101