A modern twist to the traditional wood-burning sauna. Sleeps four persons. Includes a modern shower and an outdoor terrace with a seating area.


Rent of the house (incl. use of sauna) – 150 €/day plus 20 % VAT.


A luxurious alternative for camping. Sleeps four persons. Perfect for people seeking simplicity during warm summer nights.


Rent of the western camping wagon – 80 €/day plus 20 % VAT.


Smoke sauna and outdoor jacuzzi

At Elmar’s Country Cottages you can enjoy a genuine Estonian smoke sauna. What could be more relaxing on a dim summer day or a bitter winter evening! And stargazing while sitting in a bubbling wooden hot tub next to the sauna!

Smoke oven and barbecue

Outdoor seating area

Near the smoke sauna there is a covered seating area for about 20 people.

Large grass lots for tents and caravans

Free WiFi

Catering (upon request)

Outdoor activities

About a km away you will find the beautiful pristine Lake Jõksi with a sandy beach and clean water. Perfect for swimming and fishing!

There are lots of National Forests around to hike in, great for mushroom or berry picking!


Smoke sauna – 200 €

Hot tub – 170 €

Camping – 10 €/day

Caravan – 30 €/day

Gas grill – 15 €/hour

BBQ oven – 15 €/hour

Smoking fish – price upon agreement

Bundle of firewood – 5 €

Using the fire pit – free of course!

Renting of Antique Landrover (1952 GAZ-69)– price upon agreement

Catering – pre-booking, price upon agreement

NB! 20 % VAT is added to all prices


The neighbouring madam can also cook for up to 10 people, everything needed for cooking is here – naturally feel free to cook for yourselves.

Dining experience
phone : (+372) 5306 7505
e-mail: maitsemaa@gmail.com
website: maitsemaa.ee

Temp ja Taar
phone: Killu (+372) 509 0686
phone: Martti (+372) 506 6711
e-mail: moontec.oy@gmail.com

Jaagomäe catering 
phone: Taimar (+372) 506 3338
e-mail: taimar@jaagumae.ee 
website: https://www.jaagumae.ee/

What to do? Where to go?

In addition to a relaxing vacation, we recommend using downtime at one of our partners.

1. Pokuland
phone : (+372) 5342 5054
e-mail: info@pokumaa.ee
website: pokumaa.ee

2. Road Museum
phone : (+372) 799 3057
e-mail: maanteemuuseum@mnt.ee
website: muuseum.mnt.ee

3. Canoeing
phone : (+372) 5667 8113
e-mail: info@matkajuht.ee
website: matkajuht.ee

4. Team games
phone : (+372) 56 632 979
e-mail: info@360.ee
website: 360.ee